ISA panels at SASS

When the Ibsen Society of America was first founded, it held independent meetings using a small-conference/symposium format. As the initial membership expanded beyond the Northeastern states region, it was decided that members might find it more convenient to meet in connection with another larger annual conference. Since there were considerable overlapping interests with the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, the ISA now meets together with the SASS conference (usually held on the first weekend in May) and sponsors an ISA panel there, usually devoted to a specific theme circulated in advance as a Call for Papers with the official SASS CFP. The ISA also holds it General Business Meeting and Executive Council Meeting at SASS.

For current information about upcoming SASS conference dates and meeting details, visit the SASS website.

For information about the conference stream planned for SASS 2016 (Stream 7: Ibsen’s Successful Circulation), see the 2016 Call for Papers.

Recent ISA panel themes include:

SASS 2016: Ibsen’s Successful Circulation
SASS 2015: Recent Research at the Ibsen Center in Oslo
SASS 2014: Getting Ibsen’s Drift
SASS 2013: Ibsen’s Interlocutors