The links on this page lead to the rich resources developed for Ibsen research by the National Library of Norway, the Centre for Ibsen Studies, the University of Oslo, and other centers of Ibsen research. The ISA website is meant to supplement these existing resources with slightly different kinds of information and a primary emphasis on the North American region, but the expectation is that all of these resources should be used productively together:

All About Henrik Ibsen: The National Library of Norway has for years developed a comprehensive site devoted to the study of Ibsen. There one can find their excellent repertoire database, detailed reception materials about the initial publications and performances of Ibsen’s work, excellent biographical details, links to selected essays and articles, digital facsimiles of Ibsen’s manuscripts and letters, and a list of international institutions and museums devoted to Ibsen.

Henrik Ibsens Skrifter: This is the web-based presentation of the new critical edition of Ibsen’s complete works. Its great utility in Ibsen research is not only the wealth of detailed information, but the searchability of the texts themselves, which replaces the function of earlier Ibsen concordances in a comprehensive way.

The International Ibsen Bibliography is a database with over 30,000 entries listing individual items of international Ibsen scholarship tagged by keywords and searchable in a variety of ways. This should be the first stop for scholars researching an Ibsen-related topic.

IbsenStage is an unparalleled comprehensive stage-performance database created by the team led by Julie Holledge and Frode Helland at Centre for Ibsen Studies in Oslo. The documentation of individual performances here is much more extensive than on the ISA website, with useful sample bibliographic references of review material for each entry. The types of performances make this an unusually wide-ranging database for Ibsen-related events. There is also information here about film and television versions of Ibsen’s plays that might usefully be cross-referenced with the information here on the ISA website.

The Centre for Ibsen Studies is the center for interdisciplinary, global research on Ibsen and his works. Resources include extensive library holdings of clippings, articles, and hard-to-find DVDs of performances that can be accessed on site at the University of Oslo. The Centre also maintains the International Ibsen Bibliography. The two-year M.A. program in Ibsen Studies, with curriculum taught in English, attracts students from around the world.